Welcome to Ideal Satellite Services a Christian satellite provider. Our company delivers only quality, durable, state-of the-art, Free To Air (FTA) satellite equipment. All our equipment comes with a 1 year warranty & free technical support. Also available are Adventist channels powered by SDAdish.com
The Ideal systems for your home comes with our state of the art satellite/IPTV receivers with up to 64GBs of internal memory. The HDVR 3500 plays back recorded programs with crystal clear reproduction of the original program. The HDVR 3500 receiver can connect to the internet via your unlimited high-speed internet WiFi connection. It comes program with 80 channels and our receivers are unlocked, meaning that you can scan every channel on G-19 or any other satellite in our geosynchronous orbit.
Our HDVR 3500 FTA receiver/IPTV home receivers come unlocked. That means that you have the freedom to do a blindscan of every satellite channel available from your favorite satellite. It comes pre-programmed with Galaxy-19 97W Christian channels to make it easy to align to the most popular satellite in our orbit. (G-19 97W)
Choose from 3 receiver options, from no internal memory up to 64GBs. All our receivers are HDVR compatible and can use USB external drives. (Currently only records satellite channels, IPTV recording compatibility coming in the near future)
**Firmware updates are free and available over your internet connection**
We recommend replacing your LNBFs about every 5 years to keep up with the current compression technology. Our LNBFs offer Phase Lock Loop technology that will ensure you a better signal stability that other brands cannot offer. All our products come with a 1 year warranty.
A cost effective FTA commercial satellite receiver. Click on the link below to learn more about our commercial receiver options. FTA commercial receivers are a great option for LPTV, LPR, hotel/motel head-ends, RV park head ends, etc.
Need to install your FTA satellite system at home for a commercial installations? We have your meter. FTA installations can be made more precise when you use a professional satellite finder.
Our Sathero provides you with all your levels plus a real-time TV monitor to see your FTA reception. Click on the link to learn more about our meters.